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Golf Home Interior Ideas

Incorporating a love of golf into your home is a great way to add a personal style to your interior. You can create a feeling of being in your favourite golf club and simply transition from your home to the course.

There are several ways you can achieve a golf-themed room. The first is by using the colours and textures found in the game. You can use colour tones, plants, soft furnishings and art prints of your favourite golf courses. It's easy to use these colours and elements in your décor to establish an overall ambiance. 

Golf Art Print

Golfs 50 Shades of Green

The colour green is thought to bring balance and harmony to its surroundings so it’s no wonder that it’s a favourite choice in interior design. Its connection to the outdoors and especially spring and summer makes it a great colour to tie in a golf theme. 

Another way of bringing a green accent wall into its surrounding area is to purchase a golf print you like and then have it colour matched at the paint store, and if you want to go a step further the fabric store too. 


Golf Print in Apartment. 

The Nature of Golf

Plants provide colour, texture, and shape adding that natural element from the golf course. Plants and florals offer a pop of bold colour, organic shapes, and unique texture to a space. Ornamental grasses, small trees and leafy plants can soften up the space and subtly connect your interior space to the golf course. 

Golfing Home Decor Prints.

The Art of Golf 

Art is a great way to add colour, vibrance and inspiration to a room. Choosing art that's personal to you means so much more. Adding prints of your favourite golf courses is great way to cherish those special places and moments in golf. 

Golf Course Prints Home Office 

The Par of 3

A trick that stylists and designers often use when they’re putting a scheme together is the rule of three, where odd-numbered groupings look more natural and work better together than even-numbered. Keep the arrangement of your golf prints strictly symmetrical for best effect, with pictures hung horizontally three-in-a-row and spaced evenly apart.

Golf Prints Set of 3

The Golfing Gallery

Consider making a stylish first impression by creating a gallery wall of your favourite golf courses using a variety of different print sizes. A gallery wall will add interest to the decor without any unnecessary clutter.

A great way to explore various gallery layouts is to create paper templates the same size as your frames and stick them to the wall using blue-tack. This allows you to experiment with various layouts until you find a solution that works best for your space.  We have put together a compilation of layouts to help inspire you.

Golf Prints Wall Art Apartment

Golf Course Prints Gallery Wall

Golf Wall Art Home Office

Golf Course Art Print Set Home Office Golf Home Interior Wall Art


Every person that loves golf will approach the styling of their room differently. Whether you want to add a few elegant touches around the house or you want to dedicate a particular room to golf, there are plenty of different options for you. Use as many of these great ideas as you’d like to bring your love for golf into the home.


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